Cousin Time

Last weekend we had visitors from Cali.  Jared's Uncle Rick, Aunt Liz and his cousin's daughter, Eliza.  (R&L's grandaughter).  The Things were ecstatic about this visit beings the last time they were with this cousin was almost 3 years ago. 

What I haven't blogged about last week was that William for a brief period moved in wtih Grandpa Ron and Mema.  He spent from Sunday through Wednesday at their homestead, came home to have a sleep over with us Wednesday night and then was swooped away by Grandpa again on Thursday morning.  He rode to the lumber yard and then the airport by Grandpa's side.  He is now officially Grandpa's shadow.  Or at least for Fall break he is.  Ok, back to cousin time. 

Thursday night the Cali visitors were treated to a southern cat fish fry.  Thing 3 and Thing 4 tagged along and were not all that interested.  Friday was a day of historical sightseeing and the coveted Mellow Mushroom lunch.  The Things, the Grandparents, the Parents of the Things and the visitors.  Wow, what a lunch!  After dollars spent on toxic toys from the claw machine we headed home for a cousin sleep over.  Eliza was treated to the Vanderbilt vs. UT women's soccer game with the Things.  And then Saturday was spent at the Grandparent's homestead.  You know because they have "stuff to do".  Stuff like fishing, climbing in the tree house, fileting and frying catfish they just caught (and deciding after all that cat fish is fairly tasty), sliding down the fire pole, playing in the basement, shooting BB guns, shooting arrows and playing soccer in the grass, not to mention driving the tractor and exploring the woods.  Last but not least Jeff and Natalie made their famous ribs with homemade BBQ sauces, yummy! We ended the night with smores and a camp fire. 

Jared and I left wtih 4 Things who were exhausted beyond belief, dirty and smoky from playing around the fire and eating more smores than one little person should consume and memories for forever. 

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