The Sting

Who can get enough of vacation?  This dog, Bobby Jackson, can't and me either.  Presented below will be a rambling of sorts and a rather sorted collection of photographs from our day at the beach with the "sting".  We had been to this beach last year and were all looking forward to sharing the sand bar and crystal clear water with Nani and Poppi.  Then there was no sand bar.  The water was clear and beautiful and the beach equally pleasant.  However the water was riddled with lurking creatures with no brains.  Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the many jelly fish or the "sting a rays"(that is how Thing 4 pronounces stingray) or the tears that fell from Thing 2's face when she realized she had been stung.  Ouch.  That was our first encounter with the sting.  They just don't do that on those West Coast beaches.  We saw a bagillion of them at every beach we visited, at least most of the beaches we visited.  Thing 2 was not happy. Poppi also experienced the sting.  Even the owies did not prevent us from enjoying our day, without swimming though.

Nani floating

Jared preparing to float

Football action on the beach

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