Port St. Joe

Where to begin?  After a seven day adventure with the family I just don't know where to start.  There was the 9 1/2 hour drive, I could go on and on about that.  Something tells me you probably don't want to hear about that.  Although it was a productive time for me, I finished a novel I had started that morning.  Anyhow, I will start with the first day at the beach house. 

The first day actually began the night before with the drive and connecting point with Nani and Poppi.  We had been texting the entire drive trying to figure out who would arrive first at the house and lo and behold we crossed the same intersection within minutes of each other.  There in the parking lot of Winn Dixie our sweet reunion took place.  After almost 9 months of not seeing the grandThings, there they were, running straight for Nani and Poppi's open arms, and their open car.  Thus the drive continued.  And then we were there. 

Finally after midnight we were snug in bed safely at our destination.  And then early the next morn our vacation began.  Officially.

We spent the morning savoring our chicory coffee from New Orleans, playing cards and making breakfast.  The Things ran off to the beach shortly thereafter and inspected the lay of the land.  Good to go.  We boogie boarded, soaked up some rays, watched Bob chase the frisbee in the ocean and enjoyed playing soccer and volleyball in the sand.  The guys ran off to the store for some essentials, Red Stripe.  Oh and some other food necessities. 

We decided we could wait no longer, the oysters were calling our names.  And so we headed to Indian Pass Raw Bar.  Baked oysters, grown by the owners, with parmesan and garlic, whoa!  Even the Things were excited.  And then came the moment.  I knew it was coming.  The raw oysters.  Poppi offered the Things $20 if they were brave enough.  Dad of Things threw in an extra $5.  We had two takers, Thing 2 and Thing 3.  I showed them how to set up the delectable oyster, saltine, lemon and a dash of hot sauce, tilt your head back and go for it.  Slowly they did as they were told and then the money was handed to them.  Their sweet smiles tasted victory!  For those that did not want to partake in the slimy deliciousness there were these:

Delaney taking the plunge!

Gillian getting ready!

What a day.  For now that is all I can tell, there will be more.  Stay tuned.  Or linked.  Or connected.  Or not.

At The Raw Bar

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