Four Things and Halloween

* It should be noted that this photo was taken after much negotiation and pleading from this Mama. 

The Things were all invited to a "neighborhood" party with their friends.  Trick or Treating to all the expats houses and sleep overs.  All of which left this Mama mourning the notion of her babies not celebrating Halloween with her.  There were no pumpkins to carve here, no bonfires to be shared and no chili with neighbors.  The Things did not even want me to help them get ready, no make up application, hair styling, etc.  So after nearly getting on my hands and knees Thing 1 agreed to have a friend take a photograph of the four of them together.  Well thank you very much. 
I apologize for sounding the pity party here.  It did make my heart smile that they all recieved invitations and were invited to share in the festivities.  And I am sure had I asked I could have stayed with them.  Or at least if I asked the parents.  Lest you feel sorry for me, don't.  Husband Jared and I had the house to ourselves on Friday night.  And when the Things inquired about our evening they were dissappointed to hear that we stayed in and didn't even venture to a restaurant.  No, we didn't.  We picked up pide, watched a funny  movie and talked without interruption. 
And that's all I have to say about this weekend.

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  1. CherylLee Says:

    aww, my grandbabies getting so big right before our eyes!
    love and miss y'all!

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