Quads and Friends, Friends and Quads!

Recently Things 3 and 4, Husband Jared and some friends got muddy. 
Real muddy.  Real messy. 
They were on a trail, riding on this:
There may or may not have been squeals of sheer delight from Thing 4.  And quite possibly Husband Jared as well.  Thing 3 was even allowed to navigate that large piece of machinery.  Safely and slowly, and with Husband Jared of course. 

The boys waiting for their turn. Girls first. 

The girls, before the mud. 
Daddies were on duty for the day.  Moms were busy shopping at the Kemeralti for Christmas crafts.  The kiddos took full advantage of the opportunity presented to them.  Dads + Kids= FUN!  They not only rode the quads but jumped in the bounce house, attempted to rock climb and even talked the Daddies into more play time. 
Everyone arrived home in one piece, thank you Jesus, with smiles on their faces and a muddy mess of laundry for this Mama.  Good enough.

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