Our Thankful Project

* I tried to flip this photo and it just won't cooperate so turn your head sideways to view, sorry!

For the last two years our family has created a "thankful tank".  The "tank" has been a used tin that we decorate together and then fill it with strips of paper.  On those pieces of paper are random thanks.  Anything from being thankful Mom made yummy chocolate chip cookies to a thank you from a sibling for playing a game, etc.  Or just a thanks for good behavior at the market.  Can I get an Amen? 

Anyhow, we had not brought the "thankful tank" with us to Turkey.  The Things reminded me of this and we set out to create a new one.  At a local craft store here, or at least the closest thing to a craft store that we could find, we purchased our new tank and necessary supplies.  Today the Things painted our tank.  They did fabulously. 

The goal of this project is to create an attitude of gratitude.  We keep a stack of paper next to the tank and whenever the mood strikes the Things, Husband Jared and I are able to write our thanks and deposit it into the tank.  Then on Thanksgiving we read all the thanks aloud.  It is such a treat to hear all the thanks.  In past years the tank has been overflowing, literally.  The Things' faces will light up when a thanks is read about them, and in turn my heart lights up.  Often times they weren't aware that the small act of kindness or generosity they shared would be such a big deal.  It is. 

While we were painting today Thing 1 told me I should share this idea on my blog.  So here you are.  I honestly don't remember where the idea came from.  What I do know is this is something the Things have enjoyed being a part of.  And Husband Jared and I have enjoyed hearing all the thanks, out of the mouths of babes.

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  1. Chamberlain Clan Says:

    I lov the thankful tank, I am gonna copy the idea, thank you for sharing with us!! i love u all and miss ya!

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