Well not really a "mini-me", but definitely a mini Husband Jared.  Yesterday Husband Jared and Thing 4 went to work together.  Thing 4 insisted on packing a work bag just like Dad, taking the I-pod and wearing "work clothes".  Here are the two together, preparing for their day.
The afternoon went well for the two of them.  They had lunch together, sent emails, made important phone calls and talked to employees.  Oh and Thing 4 played video games with one of the supervisors in the store.  Fun.  When they arrived home, Thing 4 declared, "that this work stuff makes yout tired".  Husband Jared agreed. 

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  1. CherylLee Says:

    so cool, loved getting 'Willie updates' every so often - they went something like this....
    'followed my dad around, he talked to customers and showed them stuff. He's on conference calls a lot',
    'playing games and stuff', 'we are home'

    too sweet, great job Jared - letting him see what you do at work is important and very cool!

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