A Nice Weekend

Friday Husband Jared returned home from his business trip.  I was grateful. Two younger Things missed their Daddy and stayed home with him to put together our new treadmill.  The two eldest Things were off to the mall with their friends.  Wow, did I ever feel old.  I accompanied them, of course.  And although I tried to stay out of the way I did manage to spot them at the bookstore.  More like I heard them and their friends' laughter.  Delightful.  They met me at Starbucks when they were finished and we chatted a bit about their evening and all the funny incidences that took place.  I am so thankful for those times when they share and laugh with me.  We giggled all the way to the car and all the way home.  I even laughed when they critiqued my driving.  I don't like the parking structures here.  Very small and difficult to maneuver in.  It is like learning how to drive all over again. 

Saturday was spent at the Kemeralti, open air market.  Think Grand Bizarre on a smaller scale here in Izmir.  The Things, Husband Jared and I traversed through crowded streets and chatted with shop owners and negotiated some deals.  I came home with an Ottoman inspired mosaic lantern, a find.  It is a great keepsake of our time spent here and it will soon be hanging in our kitchen.  We watched the United game and the Things played with friends, and of course a few extra children were at our home for sleep overs. A good day.

Sunday was full of activities for the Things.  Thing 2 and Thing 3 went to the horse stables to watch their friend Eva jump.  She has her own horse and the girls were quite excited.  Thing 4 had football and Husband Jared took him and his buddy for training that morning.  Thing 1 and I stayed at home to clean up the mess that had been made the night before and review some grammar homework for her English class.  A successful uninterrupted chunk of time was quite a treat for the two of us.  All we set out to accomplish was done which meant we could head out for khavalti, Turkish breakfast.  We found a place in Urla, called Yoruk.  It is a rustic cafe in the mountains with outside seating.  There are women making fresh gozleme, and a wood fired oven for the pide. 

We indulged ourselves in the kahvalti tray which included, clotted cream and honey, fresh cheese, sundried tomato paste, olives and fresh apricot and blackberry jam all accompanied by fresh pide bread.  It was gastronomically amazing. 

And then we came home, watched football together and played cribbage.  The evening ended with the Things cooking spaghetti and fruit kabobs for dinner.  What a treat.  They even cleaned up the kitchen and dining room when our feast was complete. 

A nice weekend indeed.

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