Another Christmas Post

Christmas night was spent at our friends' home.  A celebration of sorts for what I like to call, "friend family".  All the other people you know that are without their flesh and blood families during this season.  It was fabulous.  We roasted chestnuts, lit sparklers, had fizzy cocktails and even witnessed a karaoke competition.  Which I might add was won by the small boys, Thing 4 and his buddies.  The girl Things and their friends did their best to compete but they just didn't have the moves like the boys.  Red faced and sweaty our Things retired soon after that with nothing but sweet memories of delicious treats and thoughts of dancing until dawn with their friends.
The Things, dressed to the 9's and ready to go!
 Our snowman pizza, we were in charge of the "kid food", and of course Jesus' birthday cake in the background, red velvet this year
 Thing 2's fruit tree creation, rather impressive, I think
 Thing 3 and her sparkler, preparing to run around the garden, screaming "ole" with Thing 4
 Thing 2 decided to wear this lovely dress up outfit all night, what do you think?
 How I love me some sparkly cowgirl hats!  The girls singing for their turn in the karaoke competition
And the boys, Thing 4 sporting the hat now, all of the Things must have had it on and one time during this evening.  At the end of every song he made sure to thank the crowd and give us an Elvis, "uh huh" and point to the ones he loves.  What an entertainer.
Yes, that's Thing 1 in the chair, donning the glitter cowgirl hat, eyeing the feast before her.  What a spread our friend prepared for us, complete with parm ham and too many goodies to list. 

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  1. CherylLee Says:

    What wonderful memories you are creating! I love the 'kid food' and of course, the birthday cake for Jesus!
    The kids look like they had a blast, of course, I'm sure you adults did too. With fizzy drinks and all, how could you not!!
    love and miss y'all, nani xoxo

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