Candy Cane Forests and Such

It seems as though my posting these days is either flood or famine, go figure.  Comparitively speaking that is how my days are.  In some respects I am either really high or really low.  No illegal reference intended there.  Just truth.  This season of preparation always gets me, brings me to my knees.  And of course with this being the first Christmas we have EVER spent away from family it is hitting a bit harder this year.  I have no right to complain though.  There are families that go years without seeing each other, I know.  Or families that can't see each other on this side of the veil, I get that.  For us, our family chooses to be surrounded by each other, whenever we are able.  I like that about us.  We truly enjoy spending time together.  Laughing, baking, playing games and just being.  This year will be different. Thanks to SKYPE we will be able to "see" each other.  This year will be spent with friends.  Those around us that are without their families as well.  It is different for us, but we will choose to be grateful for this time.  And man do we have so much to be grateful for. 

Just wanted to share.  Also want to say for the record that Christmas shopping in Turkey is an experience.  I have been to the Kemeralti, the mall, the Goda and all over creation here hunting, figuratively speaking of course, for gifts.  That has been fun.  Entertaining and exhuasting.  You will have to stay tuned to see what Thing 1 will be receiving as a result of my new style of shopping.  Oh help us! 

This post is all over the place.  And right now I am thinking of movie lines from Elf, you know the land of swirly, twirly gum drops?  That is how my brain feels right now.  Maybe because I was  up so early this morning with Thing 4.  His buddy invited him to school for the day.  To say he was excited would be a gross understatement.  He was so thrilled that when I woke  him this morning he didn't stay in bed or hide under the covers or run to the sofa with his blanket over his head.  Who knew?  I am looking forward to hearing all about his day at MEF. 

Now I will refill my coffee cup and attempt to do my Bible study and put some cohesive thoughts together for a much better post later today.  Or not.  It is craft Thursday today and we have 6 additional children joining us.

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