Birthday Boy

This boy turns 9 today.  At exactly 5:56pm I will be singing his happy birthday song. 
Quite possibly with tears in my eyes. 

What happened to my baby?  If you find him tell him his Mama misses him.  Sorta.  It is a privilege that I don't ever want to wish away or take for granted.

Thing 4 makes me laugh, at least once a day, if not more.  He snuggles and sometimes grabs my cheeks and kisses me.  That makes my heart smile.

And now as he grows up I am watching him become quite the young man.  A gentleman at heart he opens doors for his sisters and I, sometimes, and always wants to help in the kitchen.  He even takes the garbage out to the bin.  Thank you very much.

Thing 4 has a little boy smell.  You know that smell, very distinct.  He asks just about every other day if he looks taller, or grew overnight.  In the morning he covers his head with his U of A (University of AZ) blanket and curls up in a ball on the sofa.  Thing 4 tells me his dreams, most of which involve being a professional footie (footballer/soccer player) when he is big. 

He is a wild man on the football pitch.  The celebration after he scores causes the crowd to cheer.  Thing 4 is fascinated with cars.  Not just any vehicle, fast and shiny sports cars.  He is always pointing them out to us.  Right now he is loving his nerf guns, teck decks, legos, anything Wii related and playing outside.  Math is his favorite subject and he loves "Horrid Henry" books! 

Happy Birthday my little man! 

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