In Stitches...Again

Well it happened.  Something I had been hoping didn't.  It went ahead and happened anyway.  Thing 2 and I made a visit to the Hastane, hospital, here in Turkey.  Not just a field trip type of visit.  We went with a purpose.  I only wish now I had taken photos to document the experience.  I have "after" photos. 
Thankfully Thing 2 is just fine and on the road to recovery as they say, whoever they are. 

And here is the sequence of events.  I was upstairs preparing lunch, lentil soup.  Soup was ready and I called the Things up to the table.  Next thing I know I hear a thud and Husband Jared is telling me Thing 2 bumped her leg on the stair case.  I am walking to the freezer to fix a bag of ice for her and that is when I hear the scream from Thing 2 and Husband Jared shouting, "We have to go to the hospital!", and "Now".  I ran quickly down the stairs and what I saw I won't soon forget.  A small, but bone deep gash on Thing 2's shin, blood red.  I cradled her in my arms, practically running to the car.  All the while shouting at Thing 1 and Thing 4 to get a bag of ice, a towel and Thing 2's blanket and jacket.  They were quite helpful and quite scared for their sister.  I tried to keep my composure because that is definitely something Thing 2 was lacking, can't say I blame her one bit.

Next I knew we were on the phone with friends, getting directions and thankfully learning that their Turkish speaking daughters were near and able to meet us at the hastane.  The entire 20 minute ride Thing 2 repeated, through her tears and trembling lip, "I don't want stitches, if I have to have them I want to be put to sleep".  Bless her heart.  I prayed. 

We arrived at the hastane and were greeted by our friends.  They brought a cookie for Thing 2.  She wasn't interested in eating, at least not at the moment.  After paperwork and translation we were ushered from room to room, similar to an American hospital.  The doctor looked her over and affirmed stitches were necessary.  By this time Thing 2 was compliant.  We moved to another room where there less people and fewer onlookers.  There are no curtains or private rooms.  All the Turks were quite concerned with Thing 2 and her leg, making squeamish faces and constantly telling her, "Geçmiş Olsun", which means, "Get well soon".  Nice. 

Husband Jared, myself and our three friends that accompanied us stood by Thing 2's bedside.  Speaking softly and reminding her to breathe and be still.  Her leg was numbed and then the fixing began, about 10 stitches in all.  They had quite a job to do.  Needless to say it was an experience.  The room was so hot that Husband Jared and I almost passed out ourselves.  More from the sight of blood for him but for me the heater was on full blast and I was standing directly under the only working vent.  Ugh.  Embarrassing.  I have never experienced anything like that.  The room seemed small, everyone's voices were far away and I was spinning.  Bizarre.  Enough about that.  As for Thing 2 she was so brave.  And when it was all over she said, "That wasn't so bad after all, when can I eat?".  Now that's my girl!

The obvious ending to our afternoon adventure was lunch at our favorite pide place and an evening of movie watching and pampering for Thing 2.  What a story she has to add to the list of her Turkish adventures.  As for this Mama I would be just fine if we didn't make another "field trip" to the hastane.  Of course I am grateful for the competent doctors who stitched up my Thing 2 and helped her feel better.

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  1. The Van Dierens Says:

    Oh boy! Our best wishes to Laney for a speedy recovery!

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