Tree Lighting

The other night we were graciously invited to the Swiss Otel in Alscanjak.  It was the evening of their second annual tree lighting ceremony and the students of the International school and the ladies of the IWAI were invited.  So, myself and the 4 Things, wrapped our presents for the orphanage (suggested donation), and we were on our way.  We carpooled with friends and sang Christmas carols the entire way.  Well I sang the carols and the Things and friends sang loudly to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.  Entertaining and ear piercing, quite an experience.  They mocked my elaborate hand gestures and of course my singing voice was not appreciated.  Oh well.  I made them laugh.  Once we arrived we were all quite impressed with the gorgeous decorations displayed at the otel.  What caught our attention though was the life sized gingerbread house with edible decor.  It was too cute.  Of course I had to beg the Things to stand in front of it for a photo opp.  They complied, thankfully there was no ear pulling involved.  The otel even served complimentary treats and mulled wine for the adults.  The evening was a great help for our Christmas spirit and I think we might have even spread some good cheer.

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