Another Forgotten Recap...Oops

So I wrote of our last night in Urla with our dearest friends and I wrote of Ramo beach here, , our special place as a family, and now I will show photos of our last few days in Cesme and Olive park, saying yet more goodbyes to people and places that we have all grown to love. 

 Time for refreshment
Our group
 The girls
 One last group hug
 The group, taking a plunge

Thing 4 and his buddy, David
 The ladies at a farewell BBQ
The guys at a farewell BBQ
These photos capture some special times, like our last night in Alacati, the windsurfing capital of the world.  It has this amazing little town that we enjoyed wandering through all lined with restaurants, some even serving PORK.  Woo hoo.  These pictures were snapped while we enjoyed our last meal in this town.  

Thing 1 and Thing 3
Thing 2 and Thing 4

Then we had a day at the beach at the Radisson where we collapsed and recovered after packing our house and being drained emotionally, just before we left for Istanbul.  The Things were scouted to try out bocce ball on the beach with Lutfu, the events coordinator for the resort.  There was this amazing gazebo built out on the water and the Things walked and looked down only to discover schools of fish at their feet.  We enjoyed some family time here and walks and runs around the town.
After our stay at the above mentioned we left for our friends home in Urla where we spent our last night with them before our departure to Istanbul and then America.  You can catch up on those posts here, Bittersweet , Istanbul, Part One and Istanbul, Part Two .  But for now I thought I had better pen some of our memories from our last week before I forgot and we were on to the next chapter of our story.  So enjoy. 

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