Thing 3's Ventures

Well as I've posted before Thing 3 and I were in California recently.  It was her turn for a special week with Popi and Nani, all by herself.  The chosen grandchild is able to choose a location for their trip and then they spend time being the "only one" for a few days of uninterrupted fun!  This summer Thing 3 chose the American Girl doll store and Sea World.  All this meaning that she was able to fly with me to California so that while she was off galavanting I stayed with Gianna and her parents to love on them.  I had the blessing of babysitting Gianna for her parents' first night out to celebrate their anniversary, I love being an Auntie!  Win-win. 
Thing 3 was also fortunate enough to spend a night with her godmother.  They went to Seal Beach for a concert, had a picnic and stored up some sweet memories together.  She even rode in a convertible for the first time!  There was plenty of cousin time in the VanDieren's pool, sliding and playing with the boys and entertaining us all with her uniqueness, lunch with Grandpa Sam and Grandma Sharon and even a night with the Strand family. 

Below is a photo montage of her time in Cali.

 Thing 3 and Gianna
 Ready for a day at the American Girl Doll store
 Pool time with Uncle J
 Night time show at Sea World
 Morning feeding time with the dolphins

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