A California Visit with the Strands

Thing 3 and I recently made a trip to the West Coast.  Lucky us.  While our time was short and super busy we were able to spend some time with the Strand family, which ultimately meant Emme and Colin!  Yeah.  We met Colin for the first time and instantly fell in love with him.  What a sweet edition to the family. 

Auntie Maggie prepared a delicious Mexican dinner for us which we enjoyed outside on the patio.  All the while Cousin Emme and Thing 3 played and played.  They even had icecream for dessert.  The next morning we had a slow, jammy morning and then ventured to Newport beach for some fun.  Not able to resist the call of the ocean Thing 3 and Emme played in the waves, combed the beach for shells and dove in the warm sand. 

What a day and what a treat to love on my niece and one and only nephew.  Thank you Uncle Aaron and Auntie Maggie for a special visit.

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