Fourteen Years and Counting

A special post today on this, mine and Husband Jared's, fourteenth wedding anniversary.  My brother recently asked me if it felt like we had been married that long, to which I answered, "some days yes, most days no!".  Honest enough right? 

Most days I do find myself asking where the time has gone.  And then looking back on all that fourteen years has given us.  I wouldn't even know where to begin to tell you all that we have been blessed with, the good, the painful and all the inbetween.  I do know that the four greatest blessings of our lives are now old enough to understand the meaning of an anniversary.  The other day we were remembering a little ditty they wrote for us a few years back (2008).  You must take a listen. 

So, Husband Jared, thank you for yet another memorable year of wedded bliss, or at least the closest we will come to that this side of the veil.  You amaze me with the way you love me and I am ever so grateful for the gift that you are.  Thank you for taking me halfway across the world, literally, and back.  And thank you for yet another adventure ahead.  Here's to all the unknowns that lie ahead of us.  May we remember to live each and every one as if it were all we had.

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