The Inbetweeen

I feel so repetitive at times.  There are posts on the back burner but for today "inbetween" accurately describes where I'm at.  Hence, the title and  purpose of this post.  Empty boxes are strewn all over the Things bedrooms.  Books are scattered all over the floor.  Curriculum is piled waist high in the corner, waiting for some attention before the start of school.  Tools are now considered decor.  I have a garage full of "stuff" waiting to be uploaded to Craigs List.  And there are four Things who are tripping over linens that litter their path to their bathroom. 

I am fully aware that this is home.  Although after being somewhat transient since the end of May I am just not feeling settled.  Don't misunderstand, I am not complaining.  We have been so very fortunate to have traveled, to have family that allowed us to interrupt their lives and stay with them for six weeks and of course to now be in a home.  Together.  All six of us.  Learning to navigate this new place and make friends and be the "new family", yet again. 

I do not feel displaced, nor does anyone in the family.  Only like we are learning our culture all over again and certain things are just not processed by us the way they once were.  They couldn't be and for us to expect them that way wouldn't be fair.  We have all changed.  Life continued on here while we were away and now we are plugging ourselves in to the present.  Or at least trying to.  And that means that soon we won't be "inbetween".

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