Another Year Older

Here we are, your 37th birthday.  Since we have spent the last 15 birthdays together, at least, I must say that you have aged well.  What is your philosophy again, on aging?  Men become distinguished as their age rises and women, well, they just get old.  Thanks for that nugget.  Maybe we should take a look at some past birthday photos...

 Is that hair I see?  And a little Thing 2 and Thing 3?

 The big 3-0!  with Thing 4!

Maybe 5 years ago, still just as silly!

Joking aside, happy birthday Husband Jared.  Hope this day and the year ahead brings uncontainable joy.  Thank you for the gift that you are to our family.  For your broad shoulders, your patient, teacher's heart and the love you give to all of us.  And of course for your wise philosophical tidbits which keep us laughing if nothing else.

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