Summer is Here

Summer is here.  We had ice cream sundaes the last day of school and celebrated finals being over...finally!  We celebrated having a sophomore, a freshman, a 7th grader and a 5th grader.  More importantly we rejoiced that we all survived this last school year, increased our knowledge and have another year of experience to call upon when needed.  We also have a new, temporary, family member.  Take a look.
Myrtle the Turtle

This turtle came from Thing 3's class.  Her teacher needed volunteers to help take care of her for the summer, June is our month.  So far she has been a fairly low maintenance pet.  The Things really enjoy taking her outside to enjoy the sunshine. 

We have also been at the pool, dropped Thing 1 off bright and early this morning for a week away with her church Foundations group.  They will be visiting the Creation Museum, Field Museum and Six Flags!  Fun. 

Thing 4 was invited to a birthday party and did some fishing, catching his first Northern Pike from a canoe.  What an experience. 

Things 2 and 3 had pool parties with their classmates to kick off the summer season and Husband Jared and I have been playing chauffeur for all of the Things social activities.  Life is good.  The car, we are learning, is a great location for parent-child conversations.  No escape routes.  All of us rather enjoy listening to music, rolling the windows down and singing at the top of our lungs.  Or at least I do and the Things seem rather amused by it. 

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