Birthday Dinners, Football Tournaments and Fathers Day

It was another full weekend for the Hanson six.  We celebrated Husband Jared's birthday with his traditional requests, chicken parm and spaghetti and chocolate, chocolate cake.  He opened presents and we played Fifa, family style.  Yes, there are exactly 37 candles on that itty bitty cake courtesy of our Things.
Husband Jared's birthday typically falls close to Father's day weekend and this year was no exception.  Thing 4 had a football tournament and we thought what better way to spend Father's day than on the pitch.  Sunday we woke early, packed a picnic lunch and hit the road for two matches.

The Things created this card for Husband Jared, filled with all sorts of sweets and then they proceeded to ask which ones he didn't like so they could have them.  Happy Father's day!  Thing 4 and his teammates played extremely well, despite the rain and unpredictable weather. 

That's Thing 4 with the orange penny on, playing goalie.  In between matches we found some shade and enjoyed our picnic lunches while the boys entertained us and these two smiled just alike for a photo.

The team took home the championship and isn't that a great Father's day gift?  Really it was nice to have the girl Things there rooting for their little brother and Husband Jared and I there taking it all in.

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