Stuck's Resort

Alright, I wasn't really at a resort.  I was somewhere way better; with my brother and his family! 

Memorial Day weekend was spent with the Stuck family.  Soaking in Gianna and some sweet time together.  When J picked me up at the airport with no Gianna in the car I could hardly contain my anxiousness.  I needed to squeeze that little girl and remind her who Auntie LeLe was.  Not just some funny, silly talking face on the computer screen.  And then she woke and when she did we made certain we were only separated for naps and night time sleeps. 

The few days we had were wonderful.  We played and laughed and enjoyed being present with one another.  Watching Gianna discover her walking feet and listening to her squeal and giggle and try and sing Le Le!  That might have been my doing.  J grilled crab legs and lobster for Corynn and I and I am pretty sure my taste buds did a little dance.  There was shopping and lounging at the Stuck resort, which is really their backyard with tiki torches, a table and inflatable pool.  Yeah, that's how it is.  Love that. 

 Bocephus, the family dog, was enjoying the resort life too

This girlie is "sooo big"

Relaxing at the resort, listening to Johnny Cash

Our last day together we reunited with a few of our extended family at the VanDieren household, they have a real pool!  It was a treat to see the cousins, visit and just BE with aunties and uncles and cousins.  Gianna loves the water and floated around.  We ate and caught up on all of life's happenings and relished the time together, albeit short.  Never is long enough though. 

Auntie Robin and me

I must say once again that I so cherish this time.  Being with J, Corynn and Gianna was such a blessing.  Watching my baby brother, yes, the one who is a good 8 inches taller than me, be a Husband and a Daddy is almost more than my heart can take.  Gianna is edging in on her first birthday and she is inquisitive and mellow and fearless.  She explores and observes and you can see in her eyes the love she feels.  I may be partial but she is one special little girl who has a forever place in my heart.  The fact that I am Auntie LeLe might have influenced that a bit.  Regardless I am over the moon about her.  (Her parents too!)

Love, love, love this family of three

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