We Did It!

Last weekend weeks of training culminated in an uphill battle, mentally speaking.  Husband Jared and I pinned our numbers on, drank our tea and headed to the track.  The race track; Actually streets that wound around downtown Minneapolis creating a 13.1 mile loop.  We ran for two hours straight, really I ran for that long, Husband Jared was much speedier. I did shave about 20 minutes off my previous race time though.  I am so very proud of Husband Jared. His dedication and commitment and were inspiring. Even when I was chasing his shoes during training. The entire race morning was exhilarating and exhausting and challenging in ways that I am still processing.  When people would talk about the runner's high I used to shrug my shoulders and pay no mind, now I not only understand the concept I have experienced it for myself.  We are already looking for our next race.  Sweet friends of ours waited for us at the finish line with our Things.  As I rounded the corner and the end was in sight, even above my music, I heard loud and clear the cheers of Thing 2.  I was overwhelmed.  In a great way. 

If you look closely, you can see Husband Jared
in his green shirt about to cross

And here I am, bright yellow shirt, almost there

Our family, cheering squad and runners

Photographs of the finish line and the fam are courtesy of the Brown family.  Such a gift to have supporters waiting for us after the race.  Thanks Browns!  

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