A Jaunt to PA, Part 2

I know, I know, there were a plethora of photographs in the last post and what more could we  possibly have done.  Well, alot and I'm going to tell you about it.  This last sightseeing day in PA we drove some country roads over rolling hills, into the forest, past Frank Lloyd Wright's infamous house, Fallingwater, and then arrived at the Yough river in Ohiopyle.  There we proceeded to rent bikes and ride along a most enjoyable trail. 

Since this day was our actual anniversary, fifteen years and counting, Husband Jared had the brilliant idea of renting a tandem bike for the two of us.  It wasn't until I was actually on the bike that I realized this was yet another adventure that he had signed us up for.  Unsure of what to do and how to maneuver, we quickly learned that this would be a test of communication and submission.  I had no control whatsoever, couldn't even see in what direction we were headed.  A metaphor for life, even marriage, well yes.  Enter faith and trust, but that my friends is a post for another day.  Here we are ready and somewhat willing for the ride.  The Things thought this was the funniest thing ever.  Really, they wouldn't stop laughing and imagining all the ways that we might crash or fall.   Hilarious.  Until about half way through the ride and they all were asking for a turn on the bike.  Not with Mama of course but with Dad.  Hmmm.

And here we are all pedaling past Poppi as he attempted to take a picture but instead captured a video of us.  A happy mistake.

The trail is serene.  It follows the river and is covered almost completely by a tree canopy that towers overhead.  Thing 4 blazed the trail ahead circling back to check on us and inform us of what was to come.  We stopped for a peek at the water and some rafters that were floating by, allowing for another great photo opp.

We rode and rode and then turned around because some Things were ready for a swim and picnic lunch.  Upon our return there was a local man who was intrigued with our family.  All the usual questions, then some more and we happened to take his suggestion for lunch at a local cafe.  A place we might not have otherwise tried, but it was delicious.  From there we ventured to the river for some rock sliding.  This Mama was a bit apprehensive at first but with the encouragement of Husband Jared our fearless Things entered the water.  After some investigating and watching a few "experts" they found the natural rock slide that enabled them to slide down stream, just before a gushing waterfall.  Fun.  They were brave and hearing their squeals as they bounced around the river rock was a highlight.

Poppi taking it all in, I didn't photograph Nani at this point.  Mainly because she was too busy hollering at the Things telling them which way to go, be careful, and asking repeatedly if I was sure this was a good idea.  It was amusing.  And then after their second or third time down she realized that the Things were capable and if their Dad did it it must be safe enough.  Always a protector, and for that we are grateful. 

After soaking in the rays, splashing around in the cool water and enjoying the rock slide it was time to head home.  Holey board and the grill were waiting for us.  Tournaments were played, gymnastics performed and s'mores were made.  It was a sweet ending to an exceptionally sweet day. 

 S'more time

What is Thing 2 doing with her hands while Thing 1 accurately tosses the washer?

 Anytime Husband Jared assumes the post of grill master I feel obligated to take a photo, due mostly to his "ring of fire" experience in Turkey.  Thanks Husband Jared for taking the risk and grilling the tenderloin to perfection.

Nani, Thing 3 and Me, after our holey board game

Lastly, I leave you with this.  I guess because I have no shame and we all had a deep belly laugh over this one.  Thing 4 was entertaining us with his gymnastics, highly motivated after watching the Olympics, and he asked if I could still do a cartwheel.  Really?  I spent hours cartwheeling around the yard, I am a child of the 80's and watched the height of American gymnastics.  I wanted to wear a leotard and be coordinated and graceful enough to stick the landing from the balance beam.  Then I snapped out of my dream like stage and simply got up and proceeded to show Thing 4 just how well I could do a cartwheel.  Let me just tell you that until I saw this photo I actually thought my legs were straight and the judges scored me a "10".  Uh not exactly.  Regardless, it was fun and my Things enjoyed watching their Mama.  I think.  More like they cringed at the sight.  Suffice to say Thing 4's form was much better and he won the gold that night.



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