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Day two of our tour began early and with much to do on our agenda.  Yes, I made an agenda.  Just a general sketch of what we would like to see and accomplish for the day.  Nothing written in stone because I am flexible, fluid, allowing for melt downs and hunger strikes and teenage angst.  NOT.  So we were off.  The Things might interject here and say we walked all day.  And we did.  But we also rode the train.

Today was Arlington National Cemetery day and the Smithsonian's.  Not all nineteen of them, only a few selected by the Things.  Once again we boarded the metro, our route planned out by the Things, fares purchased and we were on our way.  I love watching them in action.  Their confidence unmatched and no fear in sight. 

Checking which line to take and where to stop and
change trains and purchasing tickets, way to go Things!

Once we saw the gates and began walking the grounds an unexpected awe and reverence came over me.  We were on a mission to witness the changing of the guards at the unknown soldiers' tomb.  As we hoofed it and found our way rows of white headstones lined either side of our path and a certain pride took root in my soul.  The Things read a sign asking for silence and respect because these were "hallowed grounds" and indeed they are.  Walking up to the ceremony and watching the precision and purpose that the soldiers acted with was remarkable.  We learned that these guards take an oath of abstinence from alcohol and the inspections they undergo at each change is intricate. 

 His steps exact, his demeanor stoic,
my heart full of pride at being an American,
and yes there were tears

If you squint you can barely make out a small boy in an orange shirt sitting on the "throne", looking out at the vastness of the amphitheatre, that my friends is Thing 4, who certainly has a knack for all things royal

We wandered around some more, visiting Kennedy's grave site and the burning flame and Robert E. Lee's house that had remained on the grounds of the cemetery.  No doubt influenced by his Southern roots, we walked inside and were immediately reminded of all the plantation homes we had visited while in Nashville.  Restoration was taking place and we saw the general's uniforms and overheard a volunteer explaining to the masses that Mr. Lee was not being honored here for his stance during the Civil war but more for his work once he came to Washington D.C.,or moreover Virgina .  Seems he was a supporter of linking the North and the South and helped bridge the gap between the opposition that lingered after the war was over. 
(interesting take after living in the South and hearing "their" side)
Outside the house was a most spectacular view of the city and the Pentagon.
 We paused for a photo opp.

That is not a horn coming out of my skull, just the Washington monument,
standing tall in the background.

Now more walking and public transit and then more walking and museums.  We exited the metro with the National mall just across the street.  Museums lining the sidewalks and the Smithsonian Institute directly in the middle, or as we called it, the castle.  That was where we began.  We saw a scaled down model of the mall, quickly got our bearings and then we were on our way.  Air and Space here we come!  Surprisingly the Things unanimously voted this as their "high" for the day around the dinner table that night.  The NASA exhibits and space capsules were amazing and the history that abounded within the walls was inspiring. 

 Not exactly sure what is going on here

Preparing to enter one of the first ever commuter planes,
 my how things have changed

From Air and Space we were on to the Natural History Museum.  Here the Things were excited to see the dinosaur exhibits and share their knowledge concerning the age of the earth.  Only the Things weren't terribly interested in carbon dating or evolution so we up and left the crowds. 
  A candid with T-Rex

We took the Metro back to the hotel, unwound for a few and tried to decide on dinner plans.  A late decision, we chose Ebbit's Bar and Grill, just down the road from our hotel and famed for the conversations and politics that have taken place within the walls.  It housed interesting decor, rich, dark wood, animal heads hung on the wall behind the bar and there were tall booths, inviting for all.  There was a long wait for the size of our party so Husband Jared took three of the Things for a stroll around the White House.

Love those smiles

The four adults

The other Thing stayed behind with Poppi, Nani and myself for a Shirley temple and some card playing while we waited for our table.  A mere hour or so later we were seated, tantalizing menu in hand.  We shared lively conversation, Thing 4 almost fell asleep and the girly Things simply enjoyed their meal.  It was another great ending to a very full day.

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