The Great MN Get Together

Or at least that's what the state fair is referred to as out in these parts.  Either way that is where we spent our last weekday of the summer.  And like Thing 1 said, the only words you need to know at the fair are food and stick.  Amen sister.  These lovely friends were brave enough to be our tour guides if you will.  They know the fair, it's tradition for them and well, we didn't.  Here's our gang in the horse stables. 
Sweet friends, love them
Before we even began to roam the blocks and blocks that encompass the fair we had to try the mini donuts.  Freshly made and doused with sugar, don't think you can go wrong there?
Around the corner from the donuts is a fresh milk stand, $1 and you can drink all the milk you want, chocolate or white!  Win, win if you ask me. 
Things waiting for the dairy goodness
From there we took in the sights.  First stop, horse barn.  Thing 3 and her friend were in their hey day, pardon the pun.  We perused the stalls, talked to our horse friends and kept our noses plugged. 
Moving on, we simply wandered the streets, stopping at radio station booths, posing with over sized country artists, sitting in the chair of the Voice and eating more delectable treats.  Not to mention the people watching, which is always entertaining at the fair no matter where you are geographically.
 The Things and friends with their fried cookie dough, yes you read that correctly,
because where else can you get fried cookie dough?
For the record I think four of the six children pictured here approved of the fried concoction!
 Here we have the top choice, two thumbs up from all who tried, red velvet funnel cake.  Yes, one thousand times better than plain funnel cake and sweet enough to satisfy even the most Southern of taste buds!
Last but certainly not least, cheese curds.  For those  of you who have tasted these salty treats before disregard the ketchup.  Fried cheese, can you go wrong?  The Things love this Minnesota side dish, possibly Thing 4 most of all.  Our friends were gracious enough to share the best location within the fair for these and they were devoured in no time! 
Oops, guess the cheese curds weren't last, this is last, but certainly not least.  I forgot about this treat and this boy who had waited all summer for this creamy delight, bacon ice cream.  Yes, a sweet maple ice cream with chunks of bacon.  Hear me when I say this absolutely surprised my taste buds, and all of the adults we were with actually.  Again, only two out of the four children did not approve.  It was again two thumbs up, or taste buds in this case.
Moving on from the food, although that was a big portion of our day and the motivation for attending the fair, well for some of us at least.  We went to the Midway, where all manner of fair games are located including questionable rides and such.  The Things and friends took their chances and paid their tickets, our friends walked away big winners, with big smiles and good memories.  We cheered them on and although we left with only a stuffed Gumby to show for our efforts it was definitely a good time.
 The ring toss
Ball toss, all the Things giving it a try!
By this time in the day we were hot and alas it was time to bid farewell.  We walked and talked and laughed and ate and ate some more and experienced a good portion of what the fair had to offer.  Including this super size slide that all the Things and friends raced down.
Thing 1 and Thing 2

Another almost forgotten visit was on our way to the exit at the Miracle of Birth center.  Farmers show their animals here, or at least the ones that are ready to give birth.  They time it just right, or hope to anyway.  This time we saw baby piglets, one day old, another sow who was having contractions and I believe lambs as well.  Piglets were my favorite, hands down.  Stinkin' cute!

Look at those ears!

Hands down this was a super way to celebrate the last weekday of our summer holiday.  A day spent outside, enjoying each other's company and laughing around every corner.

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