A Jaunt To PA, Part 1

 And when I say jaunt, I really mean another 16 hour road trip that this time started Sunday night at dusk and ended Monday afternoon with two exhausted yet excited parents and four Things that could not wait to see their Poppi and Nani.  To say it was worth it would be an understatement. 

Our time in Greensburg, just outside of Pittsburgh, began with Chick Fil A.  Oh beloved fried chicken sandwich and sweet tea.  No political agenda here just loyal customers who appreciate good food.  On we go.  The first night in town left us with some pent up energy waiting to be burned so we played a family game of over the line.  This was hilarious.  Having grown up in a "baseball" family and played softball myself ALL of my life it has taken some time for me to parent these four that do not understand the game at all.  On the other hand if you place a proper football at their feet they could do circles around me and I would never touch the ball.  The game was good for some laughs and exercise, two things we were in need of.  Our next day brought grocery shopping and errands in order for the Things anniversary present to Husband Jared and I, a meal prepared by them and live entertainment.  We visited an Italian market and I thought my Things might never leave.  An olive bar, fresh pasta, more antipasti choices than we knew what to do with, lest I forget the cannolis.  Oh sweet heaven in a fried shell. We also visited a berry farm and winery with over 100 acres of breathtaking orchards and vines, only we weren't able to walk them due to a torrential downpour that began just  as we arrived.  Thing 1 managed to snap a few photos and we did feed the goats.  Good times. 
 A little tasting

The view from under the pergola

As a bonus, here is an assortment of photos from the anniversary dinner.  Husband Jared and I were surely spoiled.

 Poppi and Thing 3 grilling chicken

 The table, set and ready

 Dessert menu by Thing 4

If the first two days with Poppi and Nani weren't fun enough day three surely did us in.  We spent the morning watching the Olympics, heart tugging back stories and all and then went for a drive into the big city, Pittsburgh of course.  There we walked along Strip Street, famous for it's International markets, pazaar style shops and fish mongers. The Things held a giant 35 year old lobster and drooled over how tasty it would be on their dinner plate, we lingered in a specialty chocolate shop, sampled popcorn at Pittsburgh Popcorn Co. and craned our necks to admire the old brick buildings.

We weren't quite done playing tourists in Pittsburgh but our bellies were calling out for some relief so we headed to the historic Primanti Bros. sandwich place.  The original location was established to serve the truck drivers and delivery boys during their late night shifts and it still stands today, different owners now but still the same infamous coleslaw and french fry stuffed sandwich.  Being the food lovers we are here is a photo of the too big for my mouth sandwich and the family taking in the art work surrounding us.

 Ham and Cheese Sammie

The Family, Nani was taking the photo

Once our bellies were full there was more sightseeing to be done.  The Duquesne Incline trolley car was next on the list.  This trolley provides the opportunity to see the city scape of Pittsburgh from a beautiful vantage point. 

 View of downtown Pittsburgh

Trolley car

Poppi and Nani, all smiles

Soaking in the sights of any city can be alot and thankfully our Things are accustomed to the way we holiday, whether as a family or alone.  So much of the travels depends on food and food locations.  Simple treats that we enjoy while away from our normal routine.  With that said it will come as no surprise that after a full day in the city we headed to Poppi and Nani's favorite custard place in their quaint little town, The Meadows.  It has a walk up window and sits on the corner of two country roads.  It's the kind of place where people walk up order and sit in the back of their pick up trucks, we rather enjoyed it.  Those neighborhood gems are what makes living in a small town so special, and sharing this with Poppi and Nani was just the cherry on top.

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  1. Tony Olivito Says:

    Very cool Leanna. So glad to see you guys continuing to enjoy all that life has. Love Otto's new hat and the finucular ride looked cool...Love you guys and miss you!

  2. LKH Says:

    Love you too Uncle Tony!

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