And on To DC

Following an exceptional few days becoming acquainted with Poppi and Nani's new residence we hit the road once again, this time to our Nation's capitol.  Only a three and a half hour drive, we were there in no time.  Then we realized that traffic in the city is no joke and we sat and waited and played a game of finding the most embassy houses.  It was fun.  Upon arrival our rooms were not ready so we parked our cars and hit the pavement eager to see the sights.

DC cupcakes and Georgetown were at the top of the list.  Public transit was the way to go so the Things quickly had a lesson in the Metro and we were off.  Then there was walking and more walking and the heat and complaints and then we were in line wiating to enter a cupcake shop.  Really?  Yes, it was at the top of the list for Thing 3 and we didn't waste any time getting here there.  The wait was a mere 10 minutes and for that we were grateful.  Regardless of the wait the look on her face once we entered the shop was worth every second.  We proceeded to ooh and aaah and order and devour our treats in no time.

One happy Thing 3

After deliciousness sweetness and sugar overload we were back on the move.  Poppi and Nani and Thing 4 had a baseball game to get to, the Nationals were in town and Poppi had yet to visit that stadium.  The Things were all well aware of Poppi's bucket list to visit every baseball stadium so they were willing participants.  At least Thing 4 was, he was the only one that wanted to watch the ball game.  We rode the metro with them to Navy Yard, took some photos and said goodbye.  They had a ball.  Pun totally intended.  Thing 4 gave us a play by play and while at the game he and Poppi discussed strategy and scenarios, he was completely taken with the game.  Good stuff.

The three, with the stadium behind them

Once they were on their way the girl Things and Husband Jared and I returned to the hotel, sorted through luggage, decided on dinner plans and waited for their return.  Hoping they would navigate the metro successfully.  They did, thanks to Thing 4's help.  A great dinner, more Olympics and we were tucked into bed early for another great day was waiting for us. 

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