A Little Personal

* I have been struggling to write this letter, which for me turns out to be more of a prayer, for our latest Compassion blogger's assignment.  Seems a bit personal, vulnerable and telling.  So, here goes, laying it all out there in hopes that some waiting children are sponsored in the name of Jesus. 

Father God,

I sit here tapping away at the keys, praying, hoping, for the  words to flow.  So grateful that most days this feels like a personal conversation between just the two of us.  Me writing, you reading.  Or better yet, knowing what I'm going write before I even do.  These written words have always seemed to flow a bit more naturally for me.  Not stumbling over myself like I do when I'm called to speak out.  Thank you for that.  The song playing as I type has lyrics that remind me this world is not my home, not where I belong.  I believe that Father.  Thank you for the gift of your Son.  Thank you for your extravagant grace.  Thank you for redemption.  Without these I would have a withered soul.  With these gifts I desire to share them with others.  With children.  With those who have not yet heard.  Knowing that you are a big and mighty God I bring Oswaldo and his family before you.  They have heard.  He has heard and all because of the calling you placed on some one's heart for Compassion.  Thank you for leading us to this child.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to witness your work in his life.  Thank you for sharing one of yours with our family.  There have been struggles and illnesses and battles in heavenly realms and throughout it all you remain.  Thank you for calling us back and thank you for forgiveness.  I pray above all else Father that your love is steadfast, that your truth is rooted deep in Oswaldo's heart and he knows personally that you are a God who saves.  I pray today that my heart continues to break for what breaks your heart.  That even though it may be harsh, it may make me cringe and it may cause hurt that I look.  I don't want to close my eyes when I have the opportunity to be a ray of hope, a small blip that could be a part of the solution.  Amazed at how you love and never stop, in spite of me.  Your glorious ways are above mine and I stand in awe when I am able to catch a glimpse of that story line here on earth.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you for your unfailing, redemptive love. 

Your messed up, still learning, grace filled daughter,

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