School Time

Our Things are back to school.  One week in and dare I say thriving.  The stories are abundant around the dinner table and the homework, well, let's just say it's not our favorite.  With the start of a new academic year there are always challenges.  Going to bed at a decent time, rising early, dealing with the demands of teachers, parents and structure that was so lacking during our summer holiday.  Yet with all of this there is a certain peace and security in the routine.
 Knowing what to expect. They do not need to worry about their next meal, whether or not they have new shoes for the first day, supplies for each of their classes, snacks in their lunches.  Need I continue?
Here is where I share a different sort of back to school story.  Oswaldo's story.  You know Oswaldo.  He is our adopted child from Nicaragua.  No, he doesn't live with us here in the states, but he does hold a  special place in our hearts and our family.  For over two years now Oswaldo has been part of our dinner conversations.  A part of our prayers and a part of our lives.  Oswaldo has started school as well.  Thanks to Compassion International.  In his most recent letter he shared with us that he would like to achieve better scores in his classes.  He is struggling.  Although his struggles don't stem merely from the school work at hand.  His mother is seriously ill with medical bills and a lack of proper medical care.  The village where he resides is poverty stricken.  He uses his birthday money to buy food for his family and shoes for church.  Sound hopeless?  It might be without the light shone through Compassion.  The light of Jesus.  There are thousands of children who do not share in this hope.  They want to.  And they can.  With the help of people like you and me to come along side these children.  To pray for them, share life with them and help provide for a few basic needs for them.  Oswaldo still will have struggles, our sponsorship doesn't change that.  What it does do is offer an opportunity.  Visit this page, Sponsor a Child.  All I ask of you is to scroll through the pages and if you feel so moved, take one of these as your own.  And if you do, be prepared to share your heart. 

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