Fourteen Years Ago

On this day fourteen years ago you were born.  I labored at home through the night not wanting to wake your Dad and spending some time alone dreaming about you.  We sat together in the rocking chair and wrote a letter to your big sister before we left for the hospital, just me and you, although you were only kicking from the inside.  Here we are in the midst of teenage years and just beginning high school.  Thing 2, I cherish you and the gift you are to this family.  As life would have it you are now kicking from the outside.  And that is good.  You live life to the fullest and the loudest.  For that I am grateful.  You are a bright light to this world around you.  The privilege of being your Mama still has me wander struck.  Thing 2 God has plans for you, plans that were already set in place when He knit you together.  I am so honored to be able to witness those plans unfolding.  Here's to the year ahead, to walking the narrow path, to remaining bold and confident, to listening when the Spirit prompts, to embracing all the wild emotions, to dreaming big, to believing and to being tethered to this six.  I love you Laney Lu, happy birthday.
As I sit here and think about everything you are currently "into" I remember all the years past and the joy you have brought.  For now, you are playing club football once again, loving the high school youth group, you are leading a Bible study for your school group, working on the yearbook, you love being outside, biking, running and you love listening to music, LOUDLY, you are a friend to many and a help to those around you and yes you process outwardly regularly, never afraid to speak your mind, whether in school with teachers or your peer group.  Here's to you at this wonderful moment in your fourteenth year!
 Dress up
Cruising at the park
Bouncing in the exersaucer
 Time for the tonsils to come out
 Polo and you
 Smiling pretty
 Ramo beach, a happy place
Looking up to big sister
Pool time

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