Thing 2's Birthday Dinner - 14 years and Counting

Well as you read in a previous post Thing 2 is now fourteen.  Per family tradition we celebrated her with a birthday dinner of her choosing, dessert and presents.  She invited a friend over to share in the festivities and let's just say there was not a dull moment, nor a quiet one. I'm sure you catch my drift.  On the menu, homemade lasagna, no veggies please, Caesar salad and garlic bread.   Tiramisu for dessert, no not store bought!  For the record, I do not think that in all fourteen years of her birthday dinners has she ever chosen the same food or the same cake.  Creature of habit she is not.  I have compiled an assortment of photos from our night.  Enjoy, we sure did!
 Main Course
This pretty much defines the evening!

Sweet, homemade card from Thing 3
Apparently Thing 4 thought it necessary to help his big sister
 The grand finale of presents, concert tickets!
Homemade tiramisu, mmm

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