A Glorious Day

Let the record state, this day I was feeling loads better.  No more faucet nose, well kind of, and I actually slept.  I know my health is not so exciting and maybe not even appropriate for blog material but I was celebrating this day and so were the Things, sunshine and warmer temps were being fore casted.  It made all of our hearts feel a bit lighter. 
 When we woke the temperature was 60 degrees, only about 50 degrees warmer than it was at home. And although we were missing an extremely rare snow day at home the Things were not too disappointed as they had this to look forward to instead of snow shoveling. The morning called for coffee on the deck and a surprise showing of dolphins.  Pure beauty.  We watched them swim along the shore line, under the water, then out. 

The dark speck, way out there, yes that's a dolphin.
Plan for this glorious day: sit on the beach, all day.  Maybe read a little, look for some shells, dip my toes in the ocean and yes watch my Things all around me.  I'm happy to report that is exactly what we did.  All day.  With the exception of a twenty five minute reprieve due to a sudden rain storm.  Here's what the inside looked like while we were waiting out the rain.
Supposedly catching up on homework, or with friends?
Confirming that we would be able to watch the United match later in the afternoon

A little domino playing
Once it passed and we had lunch we were back.  Bums in chairs, books in hand, ocean in front of us.  Thing 4 and Thing 2 took to skim boarding, Thing 3 relaxed, finished a book and laughed, Thing 1 caught some sun, was a photographer for a while and then retreated inside for some r&r.  Husband Jared could not stay away from the screen as our team had a rather important match this afternoon against Real Madrid, at Old Trafford no less.  My stomach could not take the suspense nor was I giving up the 70 degree day we were gifted so I stayed outside and watched this Thing for a few minutes or maybe hours.

Thing 2 stayed close by and we laughed at the way the sea foam danced on the sand.  How it climbed Thing 4's legs when he rode through it.  How he could have cared less what was on the beach, jelly fish, shells, a little sea foam.  Then with our sun kissed skin we ran inside to get ready for dinner.  The six of us had been looking forward to this night, dinner at Joe Mama's.  Not maybe the entrees so much but the dessert for sure.  A pot o' chocolate and cheese cake with homemade graham cracker and hazelnut crust.  Yes please.  I do believe I was so taken with the food, everything from our table; side salad creation, the wings done right in the brick pizza oven to the pizzas, thin crusted and delish, that I did not manage to take any photographs.  This might have been the only night we were out of our bathing suits and comfy pants.  Translation, no yoga pants or cover ups here.  Although, when Thing 1 walked downstairs to leave and saw what I was wearing all she could do was laugh. 
Here's why.
Unintentional of course!
So not only do we share some other traits but we now dress alike, I'll consider that one a compliment.  Too bad she's so much taller than me and we can't share clothes, I kinda like that dress she's wearing!  
The night ended the way most others did, an amazing sunset and more game playing around the table.  This time a rousing round of Telestrations.  Let's just say that we've all decided Thing 2 might have to sit at her own table.  Wink, wink. 
A glorious end to a glorious day.
*photo taken by Thing 3

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