Then There Were 10

Following our lunch described in this post, we were all excitement and anxiousness awaiting the arrival of the Horel family.  We knew they would be pulling in the driveway sometime after naps and the texts along the way weren't keeping my Things content.  The six of us wanted to surprise Uncle Jeff and wear our Christmas shirts, so we all sported them and then sat around and twiddled our thumbs.  Then we heard them and we raced downstairs.  No, really we did.  It's a miracle not one of us fell or injured ourselves. 
Then we wasted no time, the Horels were unpacked and we hit the beach.  Those girls were ready for some sand time and so were we.  Although it was mighty chilly we walked up and down the shoreline and this girl was just too much sweetness for Auntie Leanna.
Go Gemma, go!
It was another spectacular sunset and while walking I even found this. 
Just waiting, hidden underneath wet sand, only the very center of it exposed.  What a find. 
Our night was spent hearing travel stories from the Horels, a two day road trip in the car with two little girls does make for some laughs.  We shared dinner and then the highlight was a homemade cake, prepared with love by Uncle Jeff and Autumn. 

Well maybe more Uncle Jeff, Autumn did help rather enthusiastically when it was time for sprinkles.  Because hey, sprinkles are fun.  Sprinkles say it's time for a birthday party.  Sprinkles...Well maybe I should stop.  Let's just say it was a delicious cake and we all inhaled it.  I mean we sat around the table and took dainty bites without talking with our mouths full exclaiming the greatness of the cake!  We even had party hats.  Party hats and sprinkles, life is good!

Uncle Jared did a little of this.  And as I looked at him, babe in his arms running the vacuum, I couldn't have loved him more. 
Then I remembered all those times that our four Things were in his arms and he was vacuuming and then I cried a little.  Not a lot.  Because Things that can dress themselves and brush their own teeth and do dishes and take out the garbage, that's great!  Of course, that's not all that is so wonderful about them, I just wanted to point out a few highlights. 
Speaking of Things, they were beside themselves with anticipation to share our new family game with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Natalie.  There is history here and a few stories surrounding a certain game of Pictionary.  And since then rules have been set that Aunt Natalie and Husband Jared are not allowed to be on the same team.  For ANY GAME.  Anyhow, this game, Telestrations, does not require teams.  So we all sat around the table after the littlest girls were asleep and we laughed until our sides hurt and shook our heads in disbelief and pointed and laughed some more at our artistic ability or lack there of.  Good times people.  Good times.
To think, we still had two more nights of all this hullabaloo. 




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