Children Under Three

Waking this morning was different than the others.  Not different bad and not different better.  Just different.  Husband Jared and I heard babies crying.  Sounds that are long gone from our parenting days.  At least cries from children under the age of three.  It was a sweet moment, especially when we realized that those cries did not require us to wake our jump out of bed into action.  Amen and amen.
Good morning cartoons

  Thing 3 and Gemma, wakey, wakey!
Needless to say we did wake, but for coffee and breakfast making.  Like all the other mornings.  Well, actually not like all the other mornings.  Today Natalie and I took off early for a run.  What a treat.  Time outside, together.  Without interruption.  We both logged a good run, we're in training you know.  And then it was back for Mama duty, for the both of us.  The Things and cousins were ready for some beach time.  So that's where we were.  It was a blustery day  and Auntie Leanna just about fell over in the ankle deep water while taking a certain niece for a dip. There was sand castle building, shell hunting and wave jumping. 
Aunt Natalie and Gemma

Paddle ball and skim boarding

Thing 1 and Autumn, building a hole to hide in
A full day on the beach.  While sitting there taking it all in I was struck with our Things and their younger cousins' interactions.  Might even say it was bitter sweet to watch.  I know these moments are fleeting.  The Things, they don't know.  They were in the moment, soaking in their cousins.  Every hand held on the way to the water, the shovels shared while digging, the clams dug up in the water, and the waves jumped.  Treasures for sure.  Autumn would lay on her belly in the sand and pretend as though she was swimming.  Must have warmed her up.  We all thought it was entertainment at it's finest.  Uncle Jeff also brought his own entertainment.  A turn on the skim board.  Let's just say he's still got it!
We wore ourselves out but still managed to make it to dinner at Joe Mama's, seems that the Things didn't have enough the first night we were there and wanted to share the experience with the Horels.  As tired as we all were the conversations were just as lively as ever with all the Things vying for the attention of their Uncle and Aunt.  I think you could say that Autumn enjoyed her pizza and fun was had by all.
Just look at those eyes! 
On our way home from the restaurant the Things were needing some redirection, the banter was headed in a million different directions.  Thing 4 asked to play the picnic game and so it began.   Not only do we bring animals and bizarre foods to our picnics but plenty of humor and sarcasm.  I expect nothing less from this six.  It might have even been my favorite car ride of the trip.  Had to share.   

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