I Almost Forgot Where I Was

So many memories, so much to write about and then real life snuck in and a weekend that wasn't meant to be busy was.  Full of happy surprises and visitors and impromptu dates with friends.  Most certainly a wonderfully gifted weekend.  Now, more on the beach. 
Our last full day on the beach.  We intended to soak up every ray of sun thrown our way.  And that we did.  First thing in the morning and late into the afternoon.  The day began with another girl run, only this time Uncle Jeff made breakfast while we were running.  What a treat.  Meanwhile, Husband Jared was busy teaching this sweet girl how to play cards.   The Things were chasing Gemma all over and up and down the stairs. 

Now for some beach time photos.
Wonder what he's thinking

Love this boy of mine

 Is this is a good wave?  Should I do it?

Watching from Auntie's lap
There was a pod of dolphins frolicking just beyond the sand bar and we watched them swim.  One even jumped and slapped the wave with it's tail.  We were oohing and aahing.  It was so very neat, never seen anything like that. 
Almost had it! Where is that skim board?
Thing 1 and Autumn girl
We took a break from the sun with some lunch at the place I talked about in this post, and then back to the beach.  The neighbor was fishing once again and we all were waiting with anticipation over the possibility of another shark showing up on shore.  But alas, no luck.  Though he did reel in two horseshoe crabs.  We've never seen those first hand, or at least not without plexi-glass between us.  The Things ran over to check it out.  Then there was more skim boarding, laughing and a tent for the girls because the wind was just a bit more than they/we could handle. 
 For our last night we planned a special dinner of scallops and risotto.  Not just any scallops.  Fresher than fresh sea and bay scallops.  My favorite.  I wonder how many times I've said that about a meal.  Really though, they are delicious.  Maybe more so because I know that a local fisherman found them that very day and now I am eating them.  So that was dinner.  Husband Jared was determined for us to have a fire on the beach so Thing 4 helped him dig the hole, bring kindling and set the scene.  The wind died down and it looked like s'mores were happening.  Woo hoo!  They did and we had a blazing fire while the waves crashed on the shore and all ten of us singing songs and staring at the stars.  I saw a slow falling shooting star.  Autumn decided she wanted to sing "Jingle Bells" and we all sang along.  Good times people, good times. 
Sadly, the time came to take the party inside and we all realized this was it for this trip.  We stomped up the stairs inside to cuddle and share more favorites of the past week.  What can I say except that it was another good day with a great ending.

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