A Shark Tale

Well I must state for the record that I could definitely become accustomed to waking every morning to this view.

 While the sun was a bit deceiving there was still the sound of ocean waves lapping on the shore and happy Things waking and immediately running out into the sand, all while a little reggae music playing in the background.  My idea of paradise. 

Like every other morning Husband Jared and I were awake before the Things and enjoyed some quiet time and coffee looking out the windows.  Sublime.  And then we were back in the kitchen preparing one of many meals for the day.  The Things always seem to get a kick out of the two of us dancing away while we fry up some bacon and flip pancakes.  This day was no different.  Except Thing 3 thought she would take a photo of the event. 

The Things had discovered some guide books to the area and were scouring the pages for activities for us to enjoy this windy day.  Since it wasn't a sit around in the sand kind of day, the wind might have blown us clear out to sea, we opted for another beach with some historical significance and a claim that the wind was buffered by a nearby island.  Sure, we'll give it a try.  The drive took us through twisty roads and run down beach towns and even right pass the world's smallest police station, or so they say.  Carrabelle was the beach and a training site for WW2 soldiers before the Normandy invasion.  Take a look at this photo Thing 1 snapped of the sign.

We had packed a picnic lunch and after securing a patch of sand we all got comfortable and cozied up under our beach towels.  The wind was ever present and maybe even more so than our beach back down the road.  Regardless, we were determined to make the most of our drive and we did.  And so did the seagulls around us.  They saw an opportunity and they seized it.  Pint size people running with food in hand do a happy seagull make!  I only wish I had been fast enough to capture the hunt on camera and Thing 4's yelps as he was being descended upon by an army of winged birds.  All the girl Things could say was, "mine, mine, mine", mimicking the birds from the popular film, "Nemo".  All while Husband Jared and I sat back and laughed and then pleaded with the Things to stop throwing food because we didn't want to be covered in their droppings.
Cold, but fun!


The football had been thrown in last minute and brought much fun to our picnic.  A game of monkey in the middle kept the three Things busy expending some energy, and gave plenty of photographic material to Thing 1.  Here's a few she snapped.
Love this one of Thing 3 with her "Gilly-corn" hair

Who's in the middle?
We ate, we played, we walked and then we drove home, but not before a quick stop for some ice-cream.
Feed me Seymour!

 Drumsticks, mmm good!
After our adventure the Things were feeling brave, and apparently immune to the cold and they all sported their swim suits on the beach in barely 60 degree weather.  I suppose the sand would keep them warm?
Love that smile!
A little beach time, more playing and then a family walk for fire wood in hopes that Husband Jared would be able to build us a camp fire for s'mores and star gazing that night.  Although as we were about to leave for our walk we were distracted by some commotion out on the beach.  We saw our neighbor from the right running out to the fishing poles that were set up in front of our neighbor's house to the left of  us.  The Things yelled to us from the beach and when Husband Jared and I walked onto the balcony we saw a shark jump out of the water right on the other side of the sand bar.  I looked at Husband Jared in disbelief and he confirmed that I wasn't seeing things.  Well I was seeing Things with a capital T but we did in fact see fins and not dolphin fins.  This was one large sea animal.  A shark.  We ran down the stairs and joined the Things in watching our neighbor reel in a four and a half foot Caribbean reef shark.  Wow!  What excitement.  The fisherman had to fight hard for that catch and our neighbor from the right side helped pull it on shore by the tail.  Fascinating to watch and quite intimidating actually.  They allowed the kiddos to touch it before the released it.  Thing 1 had her camera and was on paparazzi duty. 

 Should I or shouldn't I?
Showing off the catch

I think I want to, but look at that mouth. 
That's the bait hanging out there, they didn't want that back.

   The excitement wore off, or maybe not and the entire event lent itself for much story telling the remainder of the day and the days to come.  Might have made Thing 4's week.  They had read in the guest book at our house that just the week before we arrived the people had witnessed a neighbor reeling in a five foot shark and all the Things were bound and determined to lay eyes on their very own shark.  Little did we know that would come to fruition.  I had secretly hoped not.  I mean I know they're out there but I don't necessarily want to meet one face to face. 
So off we were to the convenience store down the street from us.  This time hoofing it, and carrying two bundles of fire wood home.  It always amazes me the conversations that arise on these little family walks.  Free flowing thoughts, no filter and random observations.  Amusing and enlightening all at the same time.  The shark catch had provided much fodder. 
What had become our usual routine of cooking and dining while watching the sunset took place once again.  This time with Husband Jared grilling some burgers and brats for us.  Delicious.  Everything tastes better with the beach as the setting.  Or at least I think so.  Then it was time for the infamous camp fire.  Thing 4 and Husband Jared had dug a hole, prepared a large log for sitting and found some kindling, oh and lighter fluid to help the process along.  While a whole hearted attempt was made for the experience there was more star gazing than fire happening this night.  The Things were able to roast a marshmallow but beyond that it just wasn't to be.  We did however gaze upon more stars than we've seen in a while and tried to name the constellations as we marveled over just how vast His creation truly is. 
Fuzzy phone picture, still stinkin' cute!

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