15th Birthday Celebration In Pictures Mostly

We survived another birthday celebration here in this house.  Thing 3 began the festivities by placing candles in Thing 2's blueberry birthday muffins, so very sweet.  What a start to a day that was sure to be full! Her friends at school surprised her by decorating her locker with post it notes and leaving birthday messages, her family decorated the house with our traditional birthday banner and message board and her friends and family alike filled her phone with text messages and instagram pictures in hopes to make this day one to remember! 
Birthday breakfast
Thing 2 in true fashion mixed up the menu and decided that we should dine out for the birthday dinner.  No cooking for this Mama!  Wings, pizza, fried zucchini and Caesar salad was what the birthday girl requested.  Well OK then.  Old Chicago was the place of choice.  After school and homework and an impromptu interview for Thing 1 at DQ we all sat around the table and shared what we love about Thing 2, our highs and lows and lots of laughter.  The best kind of meal. Our sweet waitress was aware of Thing 2's status that night and she surprised her with dessert.  She was forced to share with her siblings since there was still a homemade
chocolate pie at home waiting for her.
Love that smiley face!
And here is the labor of my love.  I've made a few pies in my day but never had I made a chocolate silk pie or chocolate curls that adorn such a pie.  Nonetheless, the birthday girl had made her request and this Mama did not want to disappoint.  I mean, it sounded simple enough, right?  Thanks to the Pioneer Woman it was! 
After a bite
We filled the table once again, only this time for singing to our birthday girl, present opening and pie eating and not to steal the limelight away from Thing 2 but we also celebrated Thing 1's newly acquired job at Dairy Queen!  Upon completing her interview she was offered the job on the spot!  Way to go Thing 1!(she requested that I not post the picture of her in the work uniform, but I do have one and she looks so cute!)
 The perfect way to end Thing 2's birthday day. 
Time to blow out the candles!
Present opening


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