To My Thing 2

* photo creds: Thing 1
Um yes, another daughter turning fifteen.  Thing 2.  Today is the day.  Most certainly the day the Lord has made.  We are going to rejoice and be glad because on this day fifteen years ago our spirited Laney Lu made her grand appearance.  An early morning arrival and our world has not been the same since. 
Now on this the celebration of her fifteenth year of life I want her to know just how special she is.  How unique and wonderfully made she truly is.  With all her spunk and enthusiasm.  Her joyous raucous and innocent questions.  With her servant's heart and longing to make the world a better place.  Even if at times a bit idyllic.  Her passion for dancing and music.  With her love of the Word and her talent for sharing that.  Her desire to share justice and peace.  With her gift of spreading her joy and laughter everywhere she goes.  Her fierce loyalty and contagious empathetic heart.  With her fearlessness and courage leading the way. 
Yes, that is her.  The second daughter that was knit and known before she was born.
Sweet Delaney Lucille happy fifteenth birthday to you.  May you continue on the narrow road with the confidence that He alone has made all things beautiful and He alone knows the plans which are set aside for you.  Be ready to learn this next year, willing to grow and longing for a deeper relationship with the Heavenly Father. 
Thank you for the gift that you are to this family.  For all that you bring to our table, night after night, day after day.  I love your hugs and cuddles, your playfulness and I so appreciate the conversations we share over the Truth.  I love that you still watch Disney movies and listen to Radio Disney. I'm grateful that you will have dance competitions with me and then laugh with me until we're rolling on the floor! Thank  you for lighting up each and every room you walk into with that bright smile of yours.  That is a gift.  Today is for you.  I love you to the moon and back.

This photo captivates me, it is her, possibly in ten years from now. 
 A glimpse into the "adult" Thing 2.

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