Traveling Shoes

Shoes. They cover the feet.  Protect against the elements.  Provide insulation, possibly warmth, or maybe a layer between the scorching ground beneath.  I imagine these shoes above.  Where they've been, what they've seen, more over the feet they covered. 
Precious feet.  Feet belonging to a child of Compassion.  One that is running.  Hoping against all hope to be rescued.  Waiting.  Looking for a way out.  These shoes only a catalyst in that journey. 
Just maybe these shoes reside on the feet of a child who has been abandoned.  Left to fend the enemies on their own.  These shoes their only covering against the elements.  Alone in their village.  Searching high and low for the One that will come.  Someone to lift their eyes, nurture the spirit and be hope. 
Or possibly these shoes are on the feet of a wee one sitting in a church.  The shoes two sizes too big.  No matter.  They carried her to Compassion.  Helped her arrive to hear the Gospel.  Hope within four walls and brought by a team of servants to the Almighty. 
Most likely these shoes have been passed along.  Some one's left overs given away and then shared by many.  What they have seen and heard, no one really knows.  The little feet and maybe some big feet too.  The beginning of the shoes may have been on the feet of servant.  One who teaches.  Whose voice can be heard from the villages.  Worshipping and praying.  Calling the children in once they have been claimed and sponsored

So, these shoes that seem so insignificant to us, they are the metaphor for which we are able to travel through.  To be inspired by.  The vehicle to sponsorship.  The light these children are hoping for.

So what do you say?  Will you be the shoes for a child, the means of Compassion?


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