One and Three For Compassion

One word.  Three thoughts.  And now where to begin?  Choosing the word came easily. I saw the list of suggestions and immediately knew.  The thoughts.  Not so much.  Our goal is child sponsorship.  Urge people to look through a different lens at the faces of the children waiting.  The faces of Compassion.  Pray that God pricks their, your heart for those with less than.  So that they come to know the love of Jesus because someone made a choice.  A choice to help, to serve, to cling tightly to the words of Jesus and help the poor. 

So the word is poverty.  It came upon me as I was out for a run.  Not just poverty as in no wealth.  Poverty can be relative, at least I believe.  You could be the richest person according to your bank account and yet be living in poverty.  The poverty I'm referring to is actual poverty, as in not enough to provide for oneself and/or one's family.  And here's what I've been contemplating.

1. Having less than, the physical definition of poverty from the Merriam Webster dictionary is, "the state of being poor, a lack of something".  In this case, these children meet the definition, they have less than.  They are lacking something.  More than just the necessities that I may take for granted.  Without food, shelter, water and sometimes without love.  Another vacancy in their life is that of a sponsor.  Someone to provide for them.  To help release them from the abject poverty that surrounds and give them the freedom to step into the hope that is Jesus. 
The hope that is offered when they have a sponsor

2. Poverty surrounds.  It must be like a weight.  Strung on the backs of those carrying the burden.  Bringing darkness, shutting out the possibilities and turning backs to redemption.  To opportunity.  To change.  To a different life.  Poverty does not carry with it shiny lights.  It steals and yet it will always be with us.  At least the poor will be.  Let us be poor in spirit so that the kingdom will grow.  How about we stomp on poverty and all the sadness and desperateness that comes with it? 
We can start with one child.

3.  There will be lacking in all of our lives.  That is poverty.  Whether financially, spiritually or maybe even without love, certainly when we don't have Jesus.  And yet there are needs that must be met in order for one to thrive.  Perhaps the biggest vacancy we all have is that for Jesus.  With Compassion sponsorship that is what you are giving these children, Jesus.  Their needs are met through the local church.  Basic needs, that of food.  All done in Jesus' name.  To help quench the poverty.  Alleviate the hunger.  Hunger for both food and spirit. 

So go and do.  I say these words as much for myself as I do to you.  It only takes one.

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