Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Last weekend fall decided to make an early appearance and squashed our plans for an afternoon of paddle boarding on the lake.  With wind and no sun these six did not want any part of that.  We went to plan B.  A Sunday afternoon excursion, sometimes referred to as "forced family fun" around here, took us to the Minneapolis sculpture garden.  We had long intended to make a trip there and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Stroll the grounds, take in some culture and art, grab lunch out, and hopefully snap some photos.  That is exactly what we did. 
The iconic "cherry on a spoon"

Their attempt at a Spider Man interpretation?


Flowers, flowers and more flowers

The silly reflection

All four together

I love seeing the world through her lens
The sculpture garden is conveniently located next to the Walker Art Center, which happened to be closed the day we were there, and covers acres of beautiful green grass right in the middle of the city.  There are sculptures, you guessed it, done by artists and placed throughout.  Some are interactive, others have signs posted, no climbing or touching, etc.  Either way we walked and oohed and aahed and made up stories about the artists and their work.  Husband Jared's least favorite: forty seven wind chimes hanging between a canopy of trees.  Um, no thank you.  My favorite: a long tunnel trellis with vines wrapped around and Alice in Wonderland like flowers lining the pathway.  Yes please.  That was a haven for the photographers in my family.  Things 2 and 3 took turns with my camera and Thing 1 paused every where she could capturing those blooms from her perspective.  Thing 4 raced to each sculpture.  Not sure he ever stopped to read a sign but he did have fun, and he did exert some energy. 
Another family field trip in the books. 

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