Because love is a verb.  An action word.  At least from my perspective.  It is also a choice.  And this wall shown above is filled with all sorts of love quotes, written by Things.  We love "Love" day around here and we celebrated yesterday altogether.  Special family dinner, presies, our love words to each other and cannolis for dessert.  Homemade I might add!  I've written almost the same post for the last two years on our love day festivities ( you can click on this link to read the one from last year) so this year I am re posting one of my favorites about the man I love. 
(From our anniversary last August 2012)
Here it is, enjoy!
Because fifteen years is a long time, because I am married to my best friend, because I believe in celebrating even the smallest things.  Even though fifteen years is not a small number, at least when it comes to marriages. 
Earlier this month Husband Jared and I had our fifteenth wedding anniversary. You have read about it on the blog recently with our trip to NOLA and the Things' anniversary dinner present.  We make the most of our special occasions and I tend to continue the celebrating for as long as possible.  So why not have one more post about the man I love. 
Our relationship, we often joke, has been quite the roller coaster.  Two undergraduate degrees, one MBA, various part time gigs, financial troubles (short version), deaths, serious vehicle collisions, countless moves, four Things in under five years, a bout with cancer (he was victorious), and not to mention all the growing up, both mentally and spiritually, together and apart,
thankfully mostly together. 
Countless other trials and victories, some small and others not so much.   All the in between.  Around the world or halfway and back again.  A few scattered states and many cities.  Here we stand, fifteen years in and I fall in love all over again.  Not just because I love him.  Because I find myself falling head over heels for him.  In new ways.  Because I choose to.  Because he continues to choose to. 

When the dishes are done after a meal cooked.  Vegetables being chopped without asking.  The late night pick ups because he knows I don't like to drive at night.  Father-son talks.  Father-daughter dates.  Fighting for time together.  Alone.  Making this relationship a priority.  Because he loves God first.  Random texts throughout the day.  Calling to see if I made it safely in the snow.  Shoveling the driveway.  Planning Amazing Race scavenger hunts for the Things.  Laughing until our sides hurt while watching the Cosby Show.  Sending me thank you text messages.  Telling me I serve our family well.  Accepting my apology and gracing me with forgiveness.  Again.  Waking early to help with lunches or make coffee just so I can have my quiet time.  Praying.  Together.  Reading his Bible to me.  Checking the oil in my vehicle.  Planning trips to the sunshine.  Because.  Love. 

So when I say I love him I do.  To the moon and back.  It is a privilege and one I don't take lightly that I fall in love with him over and over again.  In new ways and sometimes because of the old ways.  Sometimes just because I get lost in those blue eyes.  Other times because I have to choose to. 

Marriage ain't easy.  But because I was first loved I can love.  Because love letters and the fluttering in my heart mean something more than just romance.  Because holding hands in the dark and falling asleep together is real life.  Because compromising is part of it.  Because of grace.  Because of forgiveness.  Because he loves me.  Because we know how to make up.  Because we can laugh together and at each other and it's still funny.  Even after all these years.  Because we have inside jokes.  Because we have memories.  Because we have four Things.  Together.

Because WE choose to. 

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