Hello February

Hello February, welcome.  I'm offering a friendly greeting, squatting to be on your level, arms open and me shouting, run, come to me!  Yes, I'm ready for you.  You are like a warm blanket, a rush of hot air when you enter from the chilly outdoors, crossing the threshold.  The resolutions forgotten and the promises broken washed away come the first of February.  It's no longer a new beginning, we are knee deep in the year, yet you being only the second month there is hope.  A warm light beckoning.  Recognize me.  I'm not all hearts and love.  See, only twenty eight days in my month.  Shorter.  Almost like a whirlwind month.  Here today, gone tomorrow.  Enough time to redo, make nice, share some chocolate and create a new habit.  All contradictory with remembering presidents and important people and those mistreated and then bam!  Right in the middle a day for mush.  A day I celebrate.  Shortly thereafter my birthday and then before I can catch my breath the flag has been waved and the last card drawn.  Game over.  In all the best ways.

I lamented in January.  Brooded and riffed over the year before.  Planned, well attempted to at least.  Contemplated and mulled through many a memory.  Painful disappointments, roller coaster journeys and uphill battles from the year previous.  Rejoiced in serious victories and clapped my hands at the laundry list of accomplishments.  Perused titles read and reread journal entries that never quite made it to this space.  Learned many a lessons and was humbled infinite times.  To my knees mostly. So when I say bring it on to this new month, I mean it.  Sincerely.  I am ready, as I'll ever be.  You are full of promise for me and I kind of crush on you. You are my excuse to string hearts around these walls, post deep quotes about love and create special treats for my people.  Yeah, I'll take that.   

 Well,  February, I don't think you're given nearly enough credit for the promise you bring.  The tail end of winter, Hallelujah!  Pink and red and warm colors.  Cozied up and wrapped around my spirit.   Thank you for your efficiency.  For not needing thirty one days to make good.  For being sure enough in your six hundred seventy two hours.  Let's do this.

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