Seventeen Today

Everyone says it and I'm sure I do as well, but it seems as though we went from this
to this in the blink of an eye.
And we did.  My word, from the very moment I knew you were growing inside of me the world has not stopped spinning.  In the very best way and because of the miracle you are. 
So for you Thing 1 on this seventeenth birthday I'll share a few tidbits of life with you lately in order to celebrate you to the fullest. 
You are you.  Confident and strong.  Passionate about God and your relationship with Him.  His will in your life is being unfolded everyday and the privilege I have to watch that is one I am grateful for.  As I reflect on the last year I can not help but lift my hands in praise.  To hear you say on New Year's day a few short weeks ago that one of your words for 2013 was "knowledgeable" because of what you learned about yourself was nothing short of praise worthy for this Mama.  Your humor continues to bring a smile to my face and those around you.  Dry, brutally honest and matter of fact, your intent is not always easy to decipher.  Only because you say what you mean and mean what you say...Always.  And for some that is puzzling.  For me, I appreciate your no nonsense approach.  There isn't too much grey area for you. 
Let's see, you begin working at Dairy Queen and seeing you come home covered in ice-cream has been fun.  Life lessons have been learned.  Wink-wink. This school year brought many leadership opportunities as well.  You became a D-group leader at church for seventh grade girls, helped began a Bible study at school and have been participating in the 430 group at Church and the Barnabas ministry as well.  Colleges inundate our mailbox with literature daily and what's next is still unknown.  That is OK.  The camera is still hung around your neck on every family adventure and celebration and canvases have become a new medium for you.  Covering your walls and showing your artistic nature and desire to create.   
I am thankful for the daughter that you are.  The sister and friend you are to your siblings. The carpool driver, thank you for getting your license!  And mostly thankful that I was chosen to be your Mama.  What an honor.  The winding road of the mother daughter relationship is ever changing, please remember my love runs deep for you child.  And with each new turn we'll learn to navigate together the path before us.  I love you Thing 1. You are my sunshine!

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