Still Winter

Yet another post being typed at my desk looking out at the wintry white flakes falling diagonally from the sky this morning. As I write that I am already over it.  Really.  It's only February.  There is a lot of winter to come.  That I have learned.  I know not to be too hopeful that since it has been such a frigid few months to think that the season might be over soon.  No promise of Spring arriving and hanging around come late March.  Or better yet when I return from sunny California at the beginning of March.  I allowed myself to fall into that trap last year.  When the family headed South to the ocean I preemptively believed that we would return to warmer temps here in the North.  Not so much.  Old man winter does some damage here.  There are those that love the winter; Can't imagine life without this season of whiteness.  Me, I prefer a hearty no thank you.  Give me some sunshine that actually provides warmth and is not deceptively hanging above me, only proving to bring colder temperatures. 
I could rant and rave and complain, trust me I am quite capable of following that rabbit trail.  But today is not for that.  Today is for thinking on this passage from Psalm 136:1, "Live a grateful life".  So despite the fact that it is not "Thankful Thursday", I am making a choice to walk in gratitude.  To focus on the beauty that I see outside.  Each snowflake different and contributing to the soft blanket of white that covers the sidewalks and roads and rooftops.  Thankful for the white twinkly lights that shine a bit brighter when it is grey outside.  Grateful for my Love candle flickering and spreading it's sweet aroma throughout my space.  Grateful for the fresh flowers on my desk that are a reminder that Spring is around the corner.  Maybe a distant, city block corner, but nonetheless, it will arrive.  I'll count the sleeps for mine and Husband Jared's upcoming trip together.  And I will shift my heart to being full up with joy for all that I've been given. 
Back to the weather, what can I say?  That rabbit trail is ever so tempting.  There have been 40 plus days documented with below zero temperatures here in the great white North.  I am positive that is record breaking.  At least that is what I'm told.  For the three winters now that we have lived here it seems there is some weather related anomaly.  The summer we moved up here there were scorching temps hovering around 100 degrees.  A rare phenomenon.  That winter was short, hardly any snow and we were all in shorts by St. Patty's day.  Sounds swell.  Last winter was L-O-N-G.  I mean, seriously, we were having measurable snowfall into May. When the Things had their last day of school there might have been still been snow in the parking lots and we may or may not even had a day of shorts weather yet.  So this winter and all the snow and icy road conditions and polar vortex and wild patterns are really not all that surprising.  I suppose I should have expected this.  We do live North, as in right below Canada.  It snows here, always has.  We were warned about the cold.  Only I just don't think it's humanly possible to fathom what exactly 40 below feels like.  If I said it hurt to breathe, or even smile when walking from my car into the house, that may not do it justice. 
See how that happened?  A quick digression and I strayed from that gratitude piece.  I'll bring it back around and make the connection here.  I will be grateful for my warm Omni-heat coat, that covers my bum and insulates me.  Especially love my woolly mittens that protect my fingers when I am out walking the Polo in these arctic conditions.  I would be remiss not to mention my Sorel boots that cover my toes and keep them from frostbite, they crunch through the snow and ice and allow me to be outside despite the elements.  I'll be grateful for snow tires that allow us to navigate the roads and maintain our responsibilities such as the Things' taxi drivers and work commitments.  Ooh, and hot chocolate and whip cream and marshmallows and half and half swirling in my warm coffee mug.  All those warm delights to keep me toasty while persevering through this winter.  For board games that are played and memories made while the six of us are kept inside.  And of course for the days the six of us brave the cold and sled, or cross country ski or attempt some other hair brained adventure together.  That is high on the list.  Who knew the cold could be a moment maker's opportunity provider?  Well, I guess all the people that call this place home. 
That's what we do and how we do it.  One day at a time.  Counting it all joy.  Or at least giving it our all.  Most days.  Others I can honestly say it doesn't come easily.  In fact, it makes me want to flee.  Fast.  In the night, without looking back.  Please don't tell anyone.  Too late you say?  Well alright then.  Let's call that my confession.  As if it wasn't clear enough from the outset, I do not care for old man winter.  He can wrap it up anytime he pleases.  Bring on the flip flops and sundresses and carefree days with no schedules.  First Spring though.  Bulbs popping up through the earth, butterflies flitting around, grills being dusted off and rainy days every now and then.  I'll settle for that too.  Although it wouldn't really be settling.  I'd consider it a win.  A magnificent display of glory from above.  Just as is the weather we're experiencing in the present.  Let's unwrap it and search for the beauty within.  Gratitude and all. 

I'm trying...

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  1. Laurie G Says:

    Just read this today... and I can oh, so relate - even though I am one of the natives that has been here since birth. Thanks for the reminder of gratitude - and that it is a choice that does not come easy most days... but a choice worth making.

    Can I just say again how grateful I am that you ARE here in the Great White North? :) So blessed that God saw fit to bring you here, into the lives of us who now love you and are ever so glad we get to share life with you... even winter! :) Much love to you this day, my friend!

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