A Mom and an Aunt in Minnesota...The First Few Days

Call it what you will but towards the end of summer, beginning of the school year I became a bit homesick.  Homesick for my Mom.  I know, I'm 36 years old.  Maybe it was the familiarity, maybe the known or the friction.  There was something I was needing and I begged for her to visit.  Lo and behold she obliged and with her came my Aunt Theresa.  I was beside myself giddy anticipating their visit.  Plans were made, tickets booked and then they were here. 
They arrived late in the evening on a Wednesday and Things 3 and 4 could not even wait, they insisted on accompanying me to the airport.  Where they danced on the concrete, made faces in the windows and took selfies on my phone while we waited not so patiently for our visitor's delayed flight.  Needless to say we were all about excited.  We brought them home, put them to bed and were up early the next morning to send the Things off to school.  Us ladies however sipped coffee and made plans for the day.  First, a hike around the bluffs in our neighborhood.  Polo was adamant.  He showed the prairie off, took them to drink fresh spring water and then panted all the way home.
And then another trip to the airport for us.  Husband Jared was returning from his business trip and we promised him lunch with the three of us.  Lucky man.  Off to Excelsior, a walk around Lake Minnetonka and lunch at one of our favorites, Lago Tacos.  Our guests had to try the walleye tacos.  Let me tell you there was plenty of oohing and aahing at our table.  Over the food that is.  And because sometimes we act like teenagers and need to take selfies everywhere we go be forewarned that this post will likely be chock full of them.  In their defense, they were on vacay and it needed to be documented.
Just look at that brilliantly blue sky

The four of us, all smiles
An after lunch coffee and treat while we walked along main street, yes please. 
Family dinner was originally scheduled for this night, with it being one of the only nights we were all going to be home together but alas plans changed.  As they often do in this house.  Husband Jared and Thing 4 were departing in the wee hours of the morning for a road trip to Michigan for football, there was training to attend, errands to run and one Thing working.  All that to say, we decided to divide and conquer.  Best choice.  We all reunited later in the evening where I informed the girl Things they were staying home from school the next day.  Win one for Mama.  We also were able to celebrate our sweet friend's birthday.  Finn blew his candles out over and over again in our kitchen to loud cheers from his family and ours.
Then we woke before the sun and Husband Jared and Thing 4 boarded the bus to Michigan for a weekend of football.  A momentous occasion to say the least.  This was the first team trip for Thing 4, where the entire team traveled together on a coach bus, stayed together in the hotel, participated in team meals and meetings and learned the ins and outs of traveling as an academy.  Eventful and memorable to say the least.

Love this boy of mine. 
I ran back into bed for an hour and then woke to snuggles and excited girls for our day together.  A nature walk, lunch and shopping were on the docket.  The sun was shining and I was so very grateful to be able to show off some Minnesota fall beauty to our visitors. 
Everyone but me, I love these ladies.

Fairy houses

Our tree hugger, look at those leaves behind her. 
We were greeted by frogs, snakes and other wildlife on our walk.  Nature indeed.  Then we ran home to pretty ourselves for lunch and shopping.  Edina Grill here we come. 

Godmother and Thing 3 bonding over a mini spa hand treatment at Lush, Thing 3's favorite.  Aunt Theresa treated us all to bath bombs and we laughed our way around 50th St. soaking in the time together.
What better way to end our girls' day then with everyone's favorite caffeinated treat, Sbux. 
Thank you Nani! 
Of course the day was not officially over, the girl Things were then on their way to a Crave retreat and us older girls were left to our own devices at  home for the weekend with no one but Polo requiring our attention.  What an unexpected treat.  We opted for a night in, playing cards, cooking dinner together, watching chick flicks and dancing of course.  I have no photos to show, as I always say, too busy being present.  Right?!
Moving on, Saturday was a big day as we were headed into the city for exploring, a concert and late night adventures.  What's a trip to the Twin Cities if you don't see both twins?  And with that I will end this too long of a post and share the girls' weekend in my next installment. 

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