A Recap of Fall Break

As has been the trend lately I am playing catch up yet again!  This time fall break, which technically wasn't that long ago.  We didn't travel or take any road trips this year.  Just a quiet week of work for Husband Jared and myself, late mornings and relaxing for the Things.  There were sleep overs and plans with friends and impromptu treats which was just the best kind of week in every way.  Here's our week in photos. 
This Thing and I went into the city so she could take photos for a project.  It's one of my favorite places here, Stone Arch Bridge and Mill City Ruins.  Bonus, I had her all to myself.  We walked and people watched and jumped when we realized the railing was covered in baby spiders, then we sipped coffee and laughed and walked arm in arm.  Not to mention she captured some great shots for her assignment.

We took a family walk on a gorgeous afternoon.  All seven of us, Polo pup included.  The leaves were showing off and all golden and beautiful, dancing in the light.  Then I looked up and my people were all in front of me and my heart skipped a beat.  Man, I love them.

Light peeking through.  If I said it before I must say it again, I have never before witnessed such blue skies.  God gave a gift to Minnesota there.  Bluer than blue.  Especially this time of year. 

There were fallen trees everywhere, I'm assuming from our summer floods.  This boy couldn't resist a little "tight rope" walking. 
Thrilled to be hiking...just keepin it real.
Reluctantly, or maybe because of some bribery, these two Things accompanied me one of my work days.  My day was so much better because of them.  Even when they hijacked my phone and took selfies!  We drove all over, visiting schools, delivering paperwork and then a full afternoon grocery shopping.  My favorite assistants! 
Family fun day.  We all took a day off from everything but each other.  The weather was gorgeous and we drove to Franconia Sculpture park, near Taylors Falls.  Our drive was beautiful.  Fall foliage every which way we turned.  Then our destination, which we had never visited before.  The park was founded in 1998 and included acres of sculptures as well as an artist house where the artists themselves reside while creating said sculptures.  Fascinating.  Some of the works puzzled us, had us tilting our heads to understand, others were forward and simple and others interactive.  We all had a favorite.  The one below caught our attention and as soon as we saw it Thing 3 said, "Dorothy, we aren't in Kansas anymore".  Classic.  And the selfie above is in front of a piece titled, "Deeramid".  Yes, those are real deer, stuffed and stacked and we are smiling in front of them.  Maybe our Christmas card?  We couldn't resist the irony. 

On our way home from the park we visited Eichtens, an institution apparently around these parts.  Known for their bison and cheese.  We had a gander around the market, did some taste testing and then went on our way.  Now we can say we've had the experience.  From there the Things voted on Burger Jones for a linner, what we call a late lunch, early dinner.  And how could we refuse?  Cheese curds and burgers and and and.  All six of us around the table sharing our favorite sculptures our views on others and questioning quite a few.  My favorite ending to any day.
On the last day of break this Thing was a student at a cooking school.  She had been given a gift certificate last Christmas for a class and finally a cupcake session was on the school's schedule.  Right up her alley.  The fruits of her labor; all from scratch and decorated by our resident baker herself.  Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate monster cupcakes.  Delish!  Way to go Thing 3!
I shall leave you with this gem.  Thing 2 and a friend walked to a nearby farmers market and came home with these baby pumpkins.  This Thing wanted a photo with hers so here you have it.  Bless. 
What a week.  Somewhere in the midst of all this there were also parent teacher conferences, dinner with friends and I think even a movie date night for Husband Jared and me.  Here's to fall break.   

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