And Then There Were Only Two Days Left

Where did I leave off?  Regarding our house guests that is.  I believe it was Sunday night.  Yes it was.  So, we arrived home from our adventures in the cities to an empty house.  The girl Things were right behind us, returning from their retreat weekend.  None of us felt much like cooking so Poppi bought us dinner, thank you Poppi, you're the best!  We dined in our happy pants, on the sofa, watching Once Upon A Time and sharing stories from our weekends during the commercial breaks.  This was a rare treat.  Big Bowl, the game, was up next.  I can't even begin friends.  The hilariousness that ensued cannot be explained even with the most advanced vocabularies.  We were rolling on the floor in hysterics for much of the duel.  That is all I will say.  After everyone was tucked in for the night Thing 4 and Husband Jared returned from their travels and all was well in my world. 
The Things were granted a free day that Monday to spend with Nani and Aunt Theresa and I couldn't have been more grateful to not have to set an alarm.  Husband Jared was scheduled to fly out early that afternoon and the rest of the fam had a date with the apple orchard.  Aunt Theresa had never picked apples before, she was in for a treat!  Unexpectedly Husband Jared's trip was postponed and the eight of us were headed out for some fall fun together.  What a gift.  The first orchard was fresh out of you-pick apples.  Disappointed, we piled in our vehicles and took the scenic route for the next best option.  A sure thing at Emma Krumbee's. We roamed the trees looking for the very best Harrelson and Fireside apples we could find.  Our mouths already watering thinking of all the applesauce and apple desserts we would be making with our harvest. 
All the pretty girls!
Aunt Tree and warty pumpkin
Aunt Tree and the Things

My Things
Nani and the Things
After all our outdoor fun we took our apples home.  There they were washed and prepped for apple pie and apple sauce and we readied ourselves for rock climbing at the gym.  Thing 4 is a big fan and he had been wanting to show off his skills for Nani and Aunt Tree since they arrived.  We were finally able to make it for open climb and we all gave it a go.  Under Thing 4's instruction of course.  It was quite the work out.  Once I conquered my fear of heights I was able to make it up one of the easiest courses all while Thing 4 scaled the walls like spider man! 
We were able to capture photos of everyone in action with the exception of Nani, sneaky lady!  Thing 1 was working so she missed out on the fun and Husband Jared was running for his work out. 
Thing 3
 Thing 2
Thing 4
 Aunt Tree
Me, looking a little apprehensive
How we all felt after an hour and a half of climbing!
Off to family dinner.  We had worked up quite an appetite and that homemade apple sauce was calling our names.  Apple pie was made while dinner cooked away, Nani and Thing 4 played cribbage and then we feasted together.  Our last night was spent laughing around the table, sharing highs and lows of the day and the week and then of course we indulged in a friendly Just Dance competition. 
Thing 4 and Nani

Home made apple pie with vanilla ice-cream for dessert, delicious!
Fuel for the dance competition!

Godmother and Goddaughter busting a move!

Nani and Thing 1, not sure who won this battle but it was a good one for sure!
The night came to an end all too quickly and with an early departure for the airport in the morning hugs were given and goodbyes said before bed.  In typical fashion the Things begged for our guests to stay, "just one more day", and we all wished they could.  Our time had come to an end.  It was a week spent making the very best memories and I am so grateful.  Until next time, Minnesnowta awaits your return Nani and Aunt Tree!


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