Night and Day in the City in Pictures

Saturday we woke late, watched football, drank way too much coffee and then drove into the city.  Checked into our hotel in Minneapolis and then made our way to the other twin, St. Paul that is.  Grand Avenue was our destination for lunch at Brasa and man oh man was it scrumptious.  We craned our necks and looked at all the houses lining Summit Avenue, took in Como park and the Cathedral and all that St. Paul had to offer. 
Mom finally getting cash...for posterity's sake.

After lunch and strolling we were off to a concert, Rend Collective at University of Northwestern.  The three of us were volunteering at the Compassion table, Mom and Aunt Tree for the first time.  Aunt Tree was introduced to Compassion that night and what an experience it was.   Before the concert of course we had to indulge in a few selfies by the water.  What scenery we had.   
Selfie at the Compassion table.

The trees were starting to turn, so pretty.
Light show...beach ball to follow!
 Obligatory concert photo.
We dined late night style in the city, viewed the lights from Prohibition and slept on puffy hotel beds, giggling into the wee hours of the night.
The next morning began at Colossal Café, which really isn't so colossal at all.  Another Triple D suggestion and one that did not disappoint.  The apple, walnut, brie pancakes were amazing.  And as big as your face. 
Enjoying our coffee al fresco.
The not so "Colossal" Café
Much debating took place over the table that morning.  Where to go, what to do.  With the weather being so glorious we chose outside activities.  A walk around Mill City Ruins and the Stone Arch Bridge.  We could not have ordered a better day.  Sun shining, clouds sparse and the sky bluer than blue.  There was a charity event at the museum so we were even treated to live music while we explored.  The lock was in use and for the first time since living here I was able to see it in action.  Fascinating.  We were silly and tried to replicate Thing 1's senior photo shoot.  Then we tried to be all artsy and find letters in the metal and the bricks.  And then we decided we were  hungry and thirsty so we headed over to Surly brewery. We dabbled in corn hole, toasted to a great weekend together and soaked in more sunshine bliss before returning home to the Things.
Mighty Mississippi River

Nani and Aunt Tree...tourists

My guests were insistent upon having a photo of this vintage sign,
not too shabby from the car.

Selfie at the Ruins

Learned the rules and scoring of this Midwest classic
Recycled beer can art?
That's a wrap of our 24 hours plus in the city.  Good times people, good times.
The apple orchard, Just Dance tournament and goodbyes up next. 



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